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Myf Porter’s guide to selling real estate: black and white is never right

By Brittany Freebairn

The message of my book ‘Myf Porter‘s guide to selling real estate’ is: “black and white is never right.”

Out there somewhere is a person called “All”.

It’s the person for whom those clothes with the tag “one size fits all” were made. I’ve yet to meet Mr or Mrs or Ms “All”! Actually, I’ve found that “one size fits all”, fits very few. It’s exactly the same in real estate. To say that one method of selling, whatever that method may be, suits every person, every property and every area, just doesn’t make sense.

To say never market with a price or to say that you must always market with a price are the black and white answers. There are so many variables when it comes to selling that no one method is ever going to suit every person, situation and property. Different people, different circumstances, different properties all make for a potent mix!

The more experience I have accumulated, the more variances I have uncovered in the wonderful world of bringing residential sellers and buyers together. In recent years, particularly, I have seen many agents with almost religious zeal and fervour for only one idea and often their energy is mainly directed to negative recommendations – more “don’ts” than “do’s”. People who concentrate on negatives rarely put forth a positive recommendation or give you a choice of marketing methods. If an agent does not give you a choice, I would question their ability to understand “the big picture” of real estate.

In all my years of educating thousands of real estate salespeople, I have found no reason to wander from my most fundamental advice to all these salespeople, whether new to the industry or already experienced. “Be a good listener and give advice based on that person’s needs, not on your own preconceived notions.”

The decision to sell and then carrying that through will involve the whole family (and sometimes the extended family) in an emotional roller coaster ride. Thus, the reasoning behind efforts to standardise the selling process: “Let’s analyse the process to the point where all property should be sold the same way. By taking away choices, we will make it more straightforward.” Unfortunately, that theory does not work.

Black and white thoughts are required when devising a mathematical formula (sometimes!), but when it comes to dealing with the combinations of people and property there are so many shades of grey. Make sure that you find someone who will listen to you, make recommendations tailored to your specific needs and allow you to make a choice.

In summary:

  • No two people, properties or situation are identical.
  • Be cautious of agents who rely on negative suggestions.
  • You should always be given a choice and that final choice is yours.
  • Look for an agent who gives you advice based on your needs.
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